Friday, February 27, 2009

DREAM Act not a dream anymore.

I'm finally hearing about the DREAM Act in the media. It's expected to be introduced in less than two weeks. Woo hoo! When it's brought up, will our congressmen notice the actual support this legislation has? I mean it's a very interesting issue, because unlike other's, it's main supports are like hostages that won't try to make a move towards safety, since they fear for the worst that could happen (deportation). In other words, they wouldn't physically see all the supporters out showing the support. And of course like any other bill it has it's opposition. Once in awhile I come across a comment that makes a good point on why all these students should just go back to their original country and apply for legal staus in that manner. For one, if it were that easy I believe most would, and two, it's easy for someone to say who doesn't such a burden on their hands. I think it's hilarious how far some conservatives express their hatred towards immigration. While posting comments they capitalize words like "ILLEGEL IMAGRITION, DEY TUK ERR JERBS!!!, ILEGUL IS ELIGAL!!, etc." and yes that's how they spell too. Well come on guys, how does someone take your job? Does one leave it alone for one day to not find it there the next? Instead of complaining one should compete since this is a competative market and that's what all of us, DREAMers, are doing.

It's been crazy.

I planned on updating this weekly (atleast), but so far it looks like it's been monthly. My life has been pretty much the same just going to school and trying not to get in trouble. I've been hoping I would hear something about some type of immigration reform in the media but so far no luck. I keep wondering if we wouldn't have this economic crisis would immigration be the 'hot issue' right now. Hopefully Obama knows what he's doing and fixes this big mess, so that we can move on to other issues and I'm not complaining about what he's doing. I know that he has to deal with the bigger problems first, but it's just that near 2 years ago undocumented immigrants were all the 24 hour news stations talked about yet nothing was done on the issue. I feel that the conservative media pressed on immigration to draw the attention off of the war making it appear like a smaller issue. An immigration reform should be brought up sometime near the fall from improbable sources and hopefully it's partisan legislation to prevent any failure.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who am I?

That's a good question. It took me awhile to think of an answer, that's why I say that (even though I titled it lol). I'm a quite of an optimistic person. I haven't always been this way until recently when I noticed my life wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Of course it isn't the greatest life, but I make the best of it. Well my title is basically self-explanatory but I'll be forward and say I'm an undocumented immigrant. My parent's brought me to this country when I was young and in my opinion I was pretty much born in this country since I have no fond memory of my birth country. My status does keep me from doing many things such as applying for work, driving legally, etc. But I don't blame my parent's for placing such burdens on me. If anything I thank them for granting me such a great life that I've had in this country. I've learned two languages (Spanish and English) and going on my third, which is French. I'm currently enrolled in college working on my Associate's Degree but afterwards I pretty much won't have many options as to what occupation I could apply for. But luckily there's hope. Since 2001, a legislation that I've been keeping up with, the DREAM Act, will bring the prosperity I've been longing for. It will grant me conditional residency for 6 years which in that time I will have had to acquire 2 years of millitary service or 2 years of college. In my opinion I don't see how this legislation would hurt this country. I would benefit more to this country by working and paying taxes than just sitting around doing nothing. Many students I know are in the same situation as I am. They have finished a degree, and are now stuck doing nothing due to their status. So, please if you could support this legislation by calling your congressmen to favor this bill. Keep reading my posts to keep up on My Undocumented Life.